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Business Succession – M&A

Mergers & Acquisitions:

R.B. Gold & Associates focuses on advising middle market companies (defined as those with enterprise values between $5 and $200 Million) wishing to develop and execute a business disposition, acquisition or goal-oriented merger plan.

Our team of experienced professionals in Scottsdale and our affiliated Denver office has a combined 100+ years of experience developing complex succession and financial plans. We work closely with our clients to guide them through the mergers, acquisitions, and divestiture process while our unparalleled experience in financial planning and modeling focuses on the creation of a solid financial blueprint which guides the transaction.

Working with a Client’s advisory team – CPA, financial consultants, legal counsel – we focus on identifying the client’s quantitative and qualitative objectives:

  • What is the business’s value range and those issues that impact value?
      • Anticipated Net Value(s)
      • Estimated Tax Implications
      • Anticipated Transaction Fees
      • Structure Implications – Stock or Asset Transaction
      • Anticipated Value Range: Conservative, Target & Optimistic Estimates
      • Anticipated Price Differential a Strategic Buyer or Financial Buyer Would Pay
    • When is the right time to sell?
    • What tax planning opportunities might meet your goals?
    • Is your business positioned properly for a potential transaction?
    • Is there a concern regarding potential impact on corporate culture?
    • What net financial results are required to meet financial objectives?
    • Who are the potential acquisition target and what are the implications of seeking them out?
    • Is there a management team that you would like to participate in a transaction? (Management Led 
    • Buyout)
    • Do you want to sell 100% of the business? Does a partial sale or “recapitalize” of the business which the client “takes chips off the table” but retains a meaningful equity stake going forward
      • What level of continued Involvement with the company is acceptable or desired?

    These and a host of other possible unique goals & objectives should be addressed in the initial stage of a transaction. There is more to maximizing value for the client than simply 

    negotiating the highest price.

    Due to client confidentiality, references are provided 

    upon request.

    Sell Side Representation:

    • Leveraged Buyouts (LBO)
    • Sale to Public Companies
    • Sale to Private Equity Firms
    • Synergistic / Industry Transactions
    • Management Lead Buyouts (MBO)
    • Sponsor Backed Leveraged Recapitalizations

    Buy Side Representation:

    • Leveraged Buyouts (LBO)
    • Corporate Orphan Dispositions
    • Acquisition Consulting & Modeling
    • Target Acquisition(s) Search Programs

    Corporate Recapitalizations:

    • Growth Plans
    • Partial Liquidation Events
    • Preferred Equity Strategies
    • Minority Equity Investments
    • Structured Mezzanine Financing
    • Structured Senior Lending Facilities
    • Tranche B Senior Note Structure Financing

    ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plans) Design & Implementation:

    Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) are a unique tool in the business succession field. For business owners whose businesses are in the unique situation to make an ESOP work, the benefits from establishing an ESOP are overwhelming:

    • Attractive Valuations
    • Employee ownership
    • Deferral of taxable gain upon sale
    • Maintain Corporate Culture and Control
    • Hard to sell companies such as manufacturers reps

    ESOPs are very complex and require a seasoned team of advisors to successfully implement. We have teamed with experienced, nationally renowned providers for ESOP actuarial design and valuation work to provide the very best ESOP consulting team available.