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Our Investment Philosophy

We believe in a consistent and disciplined approach to investing, using qualitative metrics and fundamental research and analysis.

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Potential investment opportunities undergo an intense, multi-layered due diligence process prior to any consideration for our clients’ portfolios. The process starts in New York, Atlanta, and Philadelphia where our Partners (Triad, Ladenburg, and SEI) have specialists that perform detailed due diligence of potential investment programs and solutions. Those select potential investments and managers filtered through this initial screening are then analyzed by a member of the R.B. Gold Team. Their analysis and assessment is presented during our weekly Investment Committee meetings.

As a team, we examine the investment thesis, market opportunity, financial metrics and associated risks. In many cases a representative of R.B. Gold will visit the investment provider to get an in-depth, hands on perspective of the potential opportunity. It is a point of pride that only after vigorous examination and debate will investments and strategies be considered for inclusion in our clients’ portfolios.

And in many cases, for those investments and strategies that we approve, present and utilize in our clients’ portfolios, a member of the R.B Gold Team is also an interest-aligned investors.